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A velaude e-bike

About our e-bikes

Our e-bikes are specially designed to provide a smooth, efficient, and enjoyable ride. They are equipped with the latest technology, including powerful motors and high-capacity batteries, to ensure that you can go the distance without any worries. Our e-bikes are comfortable, easy to use, and perfect for exploring the Aude region's picturesque countryside, historic towns, and beautiful vineyards. 

Een vél'aude ebike in een wijgaard

Elops 920 - 7 speed

50-60 km autonomy

The bike comes with:

  • Puncture-resistant tires

  • Pump 

  • Bag

  • Helmet

  • Fluorescent safety jacket

  • Lock 

  • Water bottle.

  • Personel E-bike instructions

  • Route information


Vél’Aude will replace any eBike that develops a technical defect during your hire.


Bike Trailer

Transports up to 2 kids (+- age 2-6). Or take your beloved pet with you! 

€20 per day


Bike Seat

Easily transport your child on the back of your e-bike. 

€10,- per day

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